LVGL and Arm just became official partners! 🎉 More integration with Helium, docs and benchmarks are coming soon!

The font converter is designed to be compatible with LVGL.
The offline version (as well as the source code for this website) is available here.


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You can use both ”Range“ and ”Symbols“ or only one of them.

Include another font

Asked Questions

How to use the font converter?

  1. Give name to the output font. E.g. ”arial_40”
  2. Specify the height in px
  3. Set the bpp (bit-per-piel). Higher value results smoother (anti-aliased) font
  4. Choose a TTF or WOFF font
  5. Set a range of Unicode character to include in your font or list the characters in the Symbols field
  6. Optionally choose another font too and specify the ranges and/or symbols for it as well. The characters will be merged into the final C file.
  7. Click the Convert button to download the result C file.