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Graphics design

People say the first impression decides everything. In case of a user interface it means ecstatic icons, harmonic colors, balanced layouts, and perfect animations.

Our graphics designers can help you to catch the customers at the very first moment by creating eye-catching graphics according to your needs. As references check out our Demos.

For a ~5 screen user interface, with an average number of elements, its price is $5000. It includes the PhotoShop project, images of the screens, videos about the animations and the used image and font assets.

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UI Implementation

If you already have the graphis design but you want it to be implemented in the best way and in the shortest time, our developers are ready to help you.

We implement the UI in a simulator on PC in a platform-independent way. So the same UI code can be used on the target device too.

Implementing ~5 screens with average complexity costs about $5000.

If you need a unique widget or any custom feature we can help with that too. Just dream it, and and we will implement it for you.

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Driver development

Making the most out of your hardware can be challenging. You might need to deal with memory configurations, DMA, peripheries, caching, GPU and other sweet things.

If you are uncertain about these feel free to contact us and let us help.

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If we don't know your platform we can connect your with our partner company:

EDGEMTech logo, partner of LVGL

Specialized in embedded
OS/RTOS engineering


LVGL's Forum is a great place to get help from the community if you stuck somewhere. However, you can get dedicated support directly from us too!

We can help you if you need advice, don't know how to do something, found a bug, or need a minor feature.

We can communicate via email, Chat or TeamViewer, or basically whatever which fits the best.

The support can be paid per hourly basis and it costs $100/hour. We can give a discount for more than 80 hours.

(Regarding adding features and fixing bugs we can support only the core LVGL library and not all the "side-project")

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Board certification

Join our Board Certificate Program to make your board officially LVGL compatible!

Send us your board, and we write a review post, make a video, list it on our website, present it on our social media channels, in the forum, and in newsletters.

Check out the already certified boards here

To learn more about board certification click here

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