🚀 LVGL v8.4 and v9.1 are released!

Let's see how we can help each other!

We can help you with UI development, integrate your MCUs/MPUs into LVGL, and help advertising development boards.

UI development

We have a great connection with companies who are experts in

  • graphics design
  • UI implementation
  • application development
  • and driver development

Tell us more about your project, and let's see how we can help move your project forward!

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Chip and board manufacturer partnership

We are ready to integrate the technology of chip and development board vendors as tightly into LVGL as possible.

This means building GPU and driver support for chips, as well as creating optimized, ready-to-use projects for development boards.

Besides that, through our websites, GitHub repositories, and newsletters, we can engage with a broad audience focused on UI topics to spread the word about your technology and devices.

You can also get LVGL Certification for your board.

Contact us to learn more about these opportunities.

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