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We help you to create eye-catching user interfaces with LVGL to impress your customers

Graphics design

  • People say the first impression decides everything.   In case of a user interface it means ecstatic icons, harmonic colors, balanced layouts,   and perfect animations.

  • Our graphics designers can help you the catch the costumers at the very first moment   by creating eye-catching graphics according to your needs.

  • For a ~5 screen user interface, with an average number of elements, it's price is $5000.   It includes the PhotoShop project, images of the screen,   videos about the animations and the used images and fonts. 

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about us

UI Implementation

  • If you already have a view on the graphics but you want it to be implemented in the best way, our developers are ready to help you.

  • We will ensure that the resulting UI is optimized in memory and performance.

  • Based on your specification (what should happen if you click here or there) we implement the UI in a simulator in a platform-independent way. It allows you to simply copy-paste the code to the target device's SDK and add your own drivers.

  • If it's required you can send us a board to allow us to try the UI on it as well.

  • Implementing ~5 screens in simulator costs $5000.   Finally, we will create two private GitHub repositories: one for UI and another for the simulator.   We use GitHub's issue tracker during the development which is a familiar platform for a lot of developers.


  • Creating a prototype is a typical part of the development.   You want to be sure your idea is really working, your MCU can handle the tasks it has, the UI is fast enough and probably your costumers want you to show somethings as soon as possible.

  • We can help you by quickly putting together a demo of your UI where all the screens are shown with emulated data.

  • You might consider using our Graphics design service if don't have graphics for soue UI yet.

  • The process of development is similar to the described in Implementation service.   We can also port the UI to a common development board to which LVGL is officially ported.

  • The price of prototyping (without Graphics design) for ~5 screens is $5000.

about us
about us

Widget development

  • Although LVGL has a lot of versatile widgets your project might require something special.   Is it a special gauge for your car dashboard or a custom chart?   No problem, we can create a custom widget tailored to your needs.

  • Creating a custom widget, depending on its complexity costs $1000-$3000.   It includes source files, documentation, and examples.

Dedicated support

  • LVGL's Forum is a great place to get help from the community if you stuck somewhere.   However, you can get dedicated support directly from us too!   We can help you if you need advice, don't know how to do something, found a bug, or need a minor feature.

  • We can communicate via e-mail, Chat or TeamViewer.   It's also possible to share code via private repositories on GitHub and use GitHub's issue tracker.

  • The support can be paid per hour basis on-demand or in batch.   It costs $100/hour or $60-$80/hour if paid in batch (starting from 20 hours)

  • (Regarding adding features and fixing bugs we can support only the core LVGL library and not all the "side-projects")

about us

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