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Make UI development easier with 30+ widgets, anti-aliasing, animations, multi language, Arabic and Persian text, encoder and keypad usage, etc

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  • 16,32 or 64 bit microcontroller or processor

  • > 16 MHz speed is recommended

  • Flash/ROM: > 64 kB (180 kB is recommended)

  • RAM: 8 kB (24 kB is recommended)

  • 1 Frame buffer: in MCU or in external controller

  • Graphics buffer for LVGL: > “Horizontal resolution” pixels
    (1/10 “Screen size” is recommended)

  • C99 or newer compiler

  • Basic C (or C++) knowledge:
    pointers, structs, callbacks

about us
about us

Free with MIT license

  • Open source

  • Written in C (C++ compatible)

  • Hosted on GitHub

  • Free to use under MIT license


  • More than 30 powerful, fully customizable widgets

  • Button, Bar, Slider, Chart, Text area, Keyboard and so on

about us
about us


  • Any resolution: from small monochrome displays to Full HD monitors

  • Simple interface: one driver function to copy the rendered image to your display

  • GPU support

  • Multi display support

  • Custom color format support

  • Flexible buffering modes for high quality, great performance and low memory usage

Input devices

  • Multiple input device for the same screen

  • Simple interface: one driver function to get the state of an input device

  • Drag, scroll objects

  • Recognize gestures

  • Keypad and encoder support for for touchpad-less navigation

about us
about us

Drawing feature

  • Anti-aliasing

  • Rectangle with radius

  • Border with radius

  • Shadow

  • Line:

  • Arc:

  • Polygon

  • Masking

Text features

  • UTF-8 support

  • Anti-aliasing

  • Kerning

  • Word wrap and auto texts scrolling

  • BiDirectional text support (mix RTL and LTR)

  • Arabic and Persian support

  • Font compression

  • Subpixel rendering

  • Online and offline font converter

  • Interface for custom font engine

  • FreeType integration example

  • Multi language support

about us
about us

Image features

  • Varius color formats: RGB, ARGB, Chroma keyed, indexed, alpha only

  • Real time recoloring of images

  • Real time zoom and rotation

  • Images can in flash or files (e.g. SD card)

  • Online and offline image converter

  • Image decoder inerface for caching

  • PNG integration example


  • Set widgets appearance

  • Cascade styles (like in CSS)

  • Reuse the styles in multiple widgets

  • Local styles for simple changes

  • Themes to give a default appearance

  • Transitions (animations) on state change

about us
about us


  • Binding to Micropython

  • Online simulator

  • Support ESP32

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