🚀 LVGL v8.4 and v9.1 are released!

About us

See where LVGL was started and who the top contributors are.


The first version of LVGL was published on GitHub in 2016. As it usually happens it was started as a one-man project. Since then more than 300 contributors joined the development and LVGL became one of the most popular embedded graphics libraries.

Nowadays LVGL is downloaded every minute and it's among the most popular C libraries on GitHub. Besides attracting thousands of users LVGL became engaging for the industry leading companies too who offer LVGL in their ecosystem. In 2020 we established LVGL LLC to provide a solid background for the library and to develop new ways to aid UI development.

Top contributors

People who added the most value to LVGL

Author and leading developer of LVGL. Also the CEO of LVGL LLC.

For being an admin of LVGL, supporting users, improving LVGL's ecosystem, and helping architectural decisions.

For implementing and maintaining the Micropython binding of LVGL, and supporting users in the Forum.

For implementing the font converter, the PlatformIO port and continuously participating in the development discussions

For maintaining, supporting, and continuously improving the ESP32 port of LVGL including drivers and Kconfig.

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