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Light and Versatile Graphics Library

LVGL is the most popular free and open-source embedded graphics library to create beautiful UIs for any MCU, MPU and display type.

Use SquareLine Studio, our drag-and-drop UI editor, to simplify the development.

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Smartphone-like UIs in kilobytes

30+ built-in widgets, 100+ style properties, web inspired layout managers, and a typography system supporting many languages. All these features fit in a very small memory footprint. For example, LVGL and this demo required only:






Code lines


Any device, any OS, any display

LVGL is fully open-source and has no external dependencies which makes its porting incredibly simple. It works with any modern MCU or MPU and can be used with any (RT)OS or bare metal setup to drive ePaper, monochrome, OLED, or TFT displays, and even monitors. Besides, it's free even for commercial projects.
Operating system support
Framework support

Has a professional UI editor

SquareLine Studio is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop UI editor tool for LVGL where even designers can create fully functional UIs. Just like LVGL, SquareLine Studio is also fully vendor agnostic.
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Official Partners of LVGL

NXP tightly integrates LVGL into their ecosystem. In MCUXpresso you can add LVGL into your project by one click or choose from many examples to get started. LVGL and NXP are working together to add first-class support for VG-Lite and PXP accelerators on i.MX RT devices.
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Espressif’s package manager seamlessly integrates LVGL, making it a breeze to get started. Unleash your creativity with our wide range of display drivers. Discover the perfect synergy between Espressif and LVGL today and revolutionize your IoT development.
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Xiaomi We've been using LVGL for our embedded graphics needs, and it has been used in a huge number of devices. We are very happy with its performance and its lightweight nature. We also highly appreciate the collaboration with LVGL's open source community.
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Nuvoton supports LVGL on various MCU/MPU platforms. LVGL is widely adopted by the customers of Nuvoton to develop Smart devices and products related to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
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At Xiaomi we've been using LVGL for our embedded graphics needs, and it has been used in a huge number of devices. We are very happy with its performance and its lightweight nature. We also highly appreciate the collaboration with LVGL's open source community.

Yaoyao Gu, Xiaomi
Senior Director of Mobile Software Division

LVGL Certified Boards

The RA6M3 HMI board is a high-cost-performance graphic evaluation kit brought to you by RT-Thread in collaboration with Renesas and LVGL. Say goodbye to traditional HMI + main control board hardware and hello to the full capabilities of HMI + IoT + control with just one set of hardware. With Renesas’ high-performance RA6M3 chip and RT-Thread’s software ecosystem at its core, the HMI Board packs a punch with its strong hardware performance and rich software ecosystem. This makes it easier than ever for developers to create cutting-edge GUI smart hardware products.
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This Elecrow terminal is a microcontroller based on the ESP32 master. It adopts Xtensa 32-bit LX7 dual-core processor with a main frequency of up to 240Mhz, supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 (LE), and can easily handle common edge terminal device application scenarios, such as industrial control, agricultural production environment detection and processing, intelligent logistics monitoring, smart home scenarios and more.This terminal also has a 3.5-inch parallel RGB interface capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 320*480 to ensure perfect image output at a frame rate (FPS) of 60. On the back of this terminal, we have introduced 4 Crowtail interfaces, which can be used with our Crowtail series sensors, plug and play, and create more interesting projects quickly and conveniently. In addition, it is also equipped with an SD card slot for extended storage (SPI leads) and a buzzer function. It support ESP-IDF and Arduino IDE development, and is compatible.
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DASQI Apollo4B board can display 454*454 Round AMOLED Display, QSPI interface, Capacitive touch pad, and has SD-CARD slot , supported LVGL file system interface.The board also has RTK GPS high accuracy location positioning, Accelerometer + GYRO + E-Compass, Barometer, Current Sensor features, and I2C/SPI/UART/MIPI interfaces.
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IT986x SoC series is equipped with dual ARM9 CPUs which can operate at up to 800MHz. It has a powerful 2D graphics engine that supports up to 1080p video, allowing for the implementation of a GUI that is both vivid and responsive. As for the panel resolution, it can display up to 2160*1080 pixels. MIPI, RGB, LVDS and other panel interfaces are also supported. It is embedded with up to 1Gb DDR3 memory, with various peripheral interfaces reserved, giving designers great expandability. Support FreeRTOS within the comprehensive ITE SoC SDK.
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The NuMaker-HMI-MA35D1-S1 is an evaluation board for Nuvoton NuMicro MA35D1 series microprocessors, and consists of three parts: a NuMaker-SOM-MA35D16A81 SOM board, a NuMaker-BASE-MA35D1B1 base board and a 7” TFT-LCD daughter board. The SOM board integrates core components to simplify the system design, based on MA35D16A887C (BGA312 package, and stacking a 256 MB DDR), PMIC power solution, a 16 GB eMMC Flash, and two Gigabit Ethernet PHY. The NuMaker-HMI-MA35D1-S1 has rich peripherals such as 2 sets of Gigabit Ethernet, USB2.0 high-speed host and device, 2 sets of CAN FD, and SPI, I2C, UART, RS-485 serial communication ports for users to facilitate the evaluation in HMI and industrial control, home appliances, 2-wheel cluster, medical device, new energy applications, Machine Learning or your creative applications.
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The STM32H7B3I-DK Discovery kit is a complete demonstration and development platform for STMicroelectronics Arm® Cortex®-M7 core-based STM32H7B3LIH6QU microcontroller. The full range of hardware features available on the board helps users enhance their application development by an evaluation of almost all peripherals (such as USB OTG_HS, microSD, USART, FDCAN, audio DAC stereo with audio jack input and output, camera, SDRAM, Octo-SPI Flash memory and RGB interface LCD with capacitive touch panel). ARDUINO® Uno V3 connectors provide easy connection to extension shields or daughterboards for specific applications.
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Nuvoton N9H30 series with ARM926EJ-S core can operate at up to 300 MHz and can drive up to 1024x768 pixels in RGB parallel port. It integrated TFT LCD controller and 2D graphics accelerator, up to 16.7 million colors (24-bit) LCD screen output, and provides high resolution and high chroma to deliver gorgeous display effects. It embedded up to 64 MB DDRII SDRAM, along with ample hardware storage and computing space for excellent design flexibility.
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More boards
IDO-SMLCD72-V1-2EC is powerful board with OpenWRT operating system, 1024x600 7” screen and 1.2 GHz CPU.
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