Light and Versatile Graphics Library

LVGL is the most popular free and open-source embedded graphics library to create beautiful UIs for any MCU, MPU and display type.

Use SquareLine Studio, our drag and drop UI editor to simplify the development, or just Hire us to design and implement your next UI.

TFT and OLED displays showing UI Created with LVGL. A monitor shows SquareLine Studio.

Full featured

30+ built-in widgets, powerful style and layout system, and typography supporting many languages.


Available on GitHub and distributed under MIT license to make commercial use free and simple.

UI editor

Comes with a professional and easy-to-use UI editor software to speed up and simplify the UI development.


Downloaded in every minute from GitHub and supported by the industry leading companies.

Any device

For any microcontroller, processor and (RT)OS to drive OLED, ePaper, and TFT displays or monitors.


UI design, implementation and consulting services to make UI development worry-free.

Modern smart watch GUI created with LVGL and SquareLine Studio.

Interactive Demos

Try out some demos created with LVGL and SquareLine Studio directly in your browser.

Widgets demo with dark theme

A futuristic Ebike UI demo created with LVGL and SquareLine Studio

A futuristic Ebike demo

GUI for a 3D Printer created with LVGL and SquareLine Studio

GUI for a 3D Printer

A fancy Music Player app UI demo created with LVGL and SquareLine Studio

A fancy Music Player app

Our Partners

Our Sponsors

If LVGL saved you a lot of time and money or you just had fun using it, consider supporting its development!

Our goal is to provide financial compensation for people who do the most for LVGL.

It means not only the maintainers but anyone who implements a great feature should get a payment from the accumulated money.

We also use the donations to cover our operational costs like servers and related services.

Recurring supporters
One-time supporters

Get Started Now

This list will guide you to get started with LVGL step-by-step.

Get Familiar with LVGL

  1. 1. Check out the Online demos to see LVGL and SquareLine Studio in action. (5 minutes)
  2. 2. Read the Introduction page of the documentation. (5 minutes)
  3. 3. Read the Quick overview page of the documentation. (10 minutes)

Start to Use LVGL

  1. 4. Set up a Simulator. (10 minutes)
  2. 5. Try out some Examples.
  3. 6. Check out the Platform-specific tutorials. (10 minutes)
  4. 7. Port LVGL to a board. See the Porting guide or check the Ready to use projects.

Become a Pro

  1. 8. Read the Overview page to get a better understanding of the library. (2-3 hours)
  2. 9. Check the documentation of the Widgets to see their features and usage.

Get Help and Help Others

  1. 10. If you have questions go to the Forum.
  2. 11. Read the Contributing guide to see how you can help to improve LVGL. (15 minutes)

Go for More

  1. 11. Download and try out SquareLine Studio.
  2. 12. Contact us for Services.

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