LVGL and Arm just became official partners! 🎉 More integration with Helium, docs and benchmarks are coming soon!

Light and Versatile
Graphics Library

LVGL is the most popular free and open-source embedded graphics library to create beautiful UIs for any MCU, MPU and display type.

From consumer electronics to industrial automation, any application can leverage LVGL's 30+ built-in widgets, 100+ style properties, web-inspired layouts, and typography system supporting many languages.

Watch background with blank screen
Watch background with blank screen
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LVGL and this demo required only:

Code lines

UIs in kilobytes

30+ built-in widgets, 100+ style properties, web inspired layout managers, and a typography system supporting many languages. All these features fit in a very small memory footprint.

Any device, any OS, any display

LVGL is fully open-source and has no external dependencies which makes its porting incredibly simple. It works with any modern MCU or MPU and can be used with any (RT)OS or bare metal setup to drive ePaper, monochrome, OLED, or TFT displays, and even monitors. Besides, it‘s free even for commercial projects.

Ready-to-use projects
maintained by us

LVGL works with any hardware from 100 MHz MCUs to multi-core Linux-based MPUs. Leading chip vendors already support LVGL in their ecosystem. We also provide ready-to-use projects that offer seamless integration. These projects include up-to-date repositories, responsive support, and extensive documentation.

At Xiaomi we've been using LVGL for our embedded graphics needs, and it has been used in a huge number of devices. We are very happy with its performance and its lightweight nature. We also highly appreciate the collaboration with LVGL's open source community.

Yaoyao Gu, Xiaomi,Xiaomi
Senior Director of Mobile Software Division

Work with us

We have a great network of people and companies who can help you designing and developing your UIs, implementing drivers, or the whole application.

Besides that, we are keen to work together with chip vendors and board manufacturers to ensure LVGL runs smoothly on their devices.

Via our websites, GitHub and newsletters, we can reach tens of thousands of UI-interested people to promote your technology and devices.

Don‘t hesitate to contact us to explore how we can work together.

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