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Join our Board Certificate Program to make your board officially LVGL compatible!
Send us your board, and we write a review post, make a video, list it on our website, present it on our social media channels, in the forum, and in newsletters.


How does the Board Certification work?

With the Board Certificate Program we can provide your board a certification that indicates to your costumers that the board works well with LVGL, have a decent performance and it's easy to get started with. In order to participate in the program your board and display need to pass a benchmark and needs to meet some criteria. If your board meets the criteria we list it on and use all our marketing channels to let LVGL users know about the new officially LVGL compatible board. Your board can earn either a Standard or a Professional certificate depending on its performance and quality. (See the details below)

What we offer?

If your board gets the certificate we can boost your marketing in the following ways:

  • Let you use the certified badge on your website

  • Let you use the certified badge on your PCB

  • List your board among the certified boards on

  • Make a video about your board and upload it to LVGL's YouTube channel

  • Mention the new board in our next newsletter

  • Write a review about your board and publish it on LVGL's blog

  • Announce the new board in the Forum and our LinkedIn channel

What we need?

In order to ensure that your board and ecosystem makes development easy and convenient the following conditions needs to be met:

  • Have a webshop where people can buy the board

  • Make the Music player demo run on your board

  • Provide some kind of technical support

  • Provide all the drivers required to run LVGL on your board

  • Have an easy to follow get started guide to use LVGL with your board

  • Send us a board for review and to make the video

  • The startup price of the certification is $950 per board

Type of certificates

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The Standard certificate shows that the users can be sure that it's easy to use that board with LVGL and they can expect decent performance and quality

  • Run the demo with at least 15 FPS in average

  • Any DPI and display quality

  • Any input device type

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The Professional certificate shows that the users can expect really high speed, and high quality in general

  • Run the demo with at least 30 FPS in average

  • At least 120 DPI

  • 24 bit display

  • IPS display or similar quality

  • Capacitive touchpad

  • Easy to mount into an end product

How to apply?

We have launched the LVGL Board Certificate Program in December 2020. At the current stage we are looking for initial participants. If your are interested in the program just send us a message via the Form at bottom of the page or directly to and introduce your board(s).

By applying you accept the Terms and Conditions to the board certification program

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